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The Nucleus Hotel & Resorts is located at Rippon, Meppadi, Wayanad. A premium luxury 5 star resort that sits on 2.45 acres of land has a built-up area of 56,000 sq.ft. The luxury resort beholds within it exciting outdoor and indoor activities. Wayanad, a land of plenty, graced by nature's poetic elegance, time stands still in this part of the world, untouched by man. Nature is at its best here. Get caressed by the beauty, the mist, the wild! Rich heritage and strong historic backing, this place never fails to amaze. Plenty to do, explore the age old Edakkal caves guarded by ancient carvings, the Thirunelli temple that is believed to wash away your sins, Pookode lake, trekking and mountaineering for some of that adrenaline rush, Jain temples, the list is just endless. While you're here, leave the ways of the modern man, for you'd have to sharpen some knives to survive here, as you follow the ways of your ancestors. Come, live memorable!

Wayanad, to someone new, sounds like wine yard when you hear it at first. Eventually you realize the nick name works with the way the landscape is, and it isn’t because of the ubiquitous rows of well aligned grape farm, but a similar thickness of the dense, immense forests that draws you to it. When one ascends towards the property, a gust of fresh air hits you and the winding roads quietly hint at the beauty to come.

What is even more interesting at the hotel site is that it has its own valley. This quaint hill station is set along the higher slopes of the Nilgiri Biosphere. The hotel has its own set of winding roads and on approach, you see a modern version of Kerala architecture. The hotel reception is attached to one of the restaurants. The banquet hall sits right under the restaurant, and both these spaces overlook the valley. The spa is a special feature; one could walk to it using a bridge from the reception and over the pool.

The living spaces are of various types, ranging from studio to larger homes. The architecture is stepped and hugs the terrain, allowing us views into the valley. The honey moon suite literally hangs over the pool with a glass bottom. Overall the hotel is designed to let you experience Wayanad in all its glory.



A share holder investing a sum of Rs.15 lakhs ($22945 USD) will own a 5 star category resort for a lifetime i.e., 0.4% of the company and undivided shares equivalent of approximately 1 cent (40.47 sq. meter) of land and 200 sq.ft. ( 8.5 sq. meter) of built up area.

The investor under normal circumstance might receive upto 100% appreciation within 3 years of investing once the property becomes operational.


The total room rent will be divided into two parts - 60% to the operator (The Nucleus Hotels & Resorts LLP) and the rest 40% to the property owner (Way One Resorts LLP)

The operator will be responsible for all running expenses like marketing, sales, salaries, electricity, water, maintenance, renovations etc. from their 60% rental income.

For the property owner (Way One Resorts LLP) with 250 share holders, 40% of the rental income will be equally distributed between the 250 share holders.

Considering an average of 60% occupancy for a room rent of Rs.8000/- ( $123 USD ) per night, a sum of Rs.13600/- ( $ 210 USD ) is expected per share per month.


Share holders can enjoy 7 nights of free stay
in the resort with family every year.

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